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April 10, 2019

So I am no health queen or crazy gym fanatic but I do get questions, mostly remarks, on how I stay in shape (and am always eating). My dad always says, “It’s not that difficult, just eat healthy and exercise. It’s THAT simple.” Don’t over think it! 

I strongly believe that doing some type of fitness leads to a happier life. When I don’t work out for over a week I definitely feel very anxious and on edge. Sometimes I am just so exhausted and busy that I just completely forget about it. When I realized how important mental and physical health is I started to put fitness into my weekly routine.

My fitness plan is using the app, Classpass. If you have never heard of it, it is a monthly membership where you take different types of classes all over your city (or multiple). They are international now too! I have been using this app for two years and love it. When I go back home to Pittsburgh, I can take classes that are listed on the app as well. It is not only classes but you can even go to certain gyms and spas.

My favorite types of classes that I do on rotation every 2-3 days are barre, cycling, and hot yoga. I feel that this is the best rotation for me because each of them does something different. I never worked out growing up because I danced all week. So when I figured out that these are the types of classes that worked for me I realized why… They did everything dance did for me too! Barre tones you, cycling builds your stamina, and hot yoga stretches you. Every body is different, you just have to find out what works best for you. Although it won’t happen overnight , push through it and stay consistent! 


  • My go-to: Exhale (all instructors are great!)
  • Pop Physique*
  • Fly Barre


  • My Go-to: Y7 
  • Yoga to the People
  • mang’Oh yoga
  • Yoga Shanti


  • Go-to: Flywheel (Greta is my favorite!)
  • Peloton


  • 305 Fitness*
  • Rumble*
  • Barry’s Bootcamp* 

*the ones listed with an * are not on Classpass

When it comes to eating I try to eat pretty healthy. I do NOT study the back of food labels but I do not eat “junk food.” As much as I would love to buy the whole entire chip isle, I only try to buy one of my favorite snacks each week. I normally plan out my meals before I go grocery shopping so I am in and out. I meal prep healthy lunches during the week and love to try out new recipes (that I find on Pinterest), if not I would get bored. I will start to share the recipes by linking them through my Instagram stories. I tried meal prepping dinners but for me it just wasn’t the same. Cooking is relaxing for me and I like to do it. Plus who doesn’t like a freshly cooked dinner (I have my mother to thank for that growing up) ! 

I will end with this note, Unfortunately society and social media have made us believe that we need to be “model skinny” and to feel pretty and confident and that is just not okay. At the end of the day, as long as you’re happy and healthy, that is all that really matters. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any comments or questions.

(Please note this was not sponsored by Classpass)

Many XO’s,


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